Global Master in Business Administration

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1500 hours equivalent a 60 ECTS

This Generalist Master Program (General Management Program) that trains the participants who pass it, to carry out managerial functions, in any type of
organization, whether they are commercial companies or non-profit entities, etc.
It is aimed at entrepreneurs, professionals, managers and directors from China who need to enhance and/or improve the development of management skills to optimize their resources and improve the results of their businesses.
Today’s company needs, more than ever, highly qualified professionals and
managers, capable of making the right decisions. The essential GMB Program is framed along these lines for all those professionals who want to take on these new challenges.
Together with the technical training of each of the management areas, it is aimed at promoting the development of communication skills and the management of multidisciplinary teams in changing environments and always with a top management vision.
All the contents of the program will have a relevant focus on internationalization and business development, promoting the managerial career and the improvement of the personal brand as a differentiating factor of this program.




1500 hours, equivalent 60 ECTS




    Online / Streaming

    Students to whom it is addressed

    Professionals, managers, directors and owners of companies in China who want to improve their management skills, business knowledge and professional development.


    1.- Knowledge of the different Management areas.

    2.- Approach the Lean Startup.

    4.- Experience the manager’s work through role play explanations.

    5.- Develop professional quality and capacity.

    6.- Align professional and personal potential with objectives.

    7.- Achieve better people, teams and companies, a better society.


    1. Business analysis and situations 4,46 ECTS

    1. Training of Senior Business Management

    2. The scientific method of decision making

    3. The consequences of good management: Comprehensive success.

    2. Control 6,06 ECTS

    4. Financial Accounting. Mechanics

    5. Financial Accounting. Analysis

    6. Management Accounting. Decision making

    3. Finance and Accounting 6,06 ECTS

    7. The financial function in the company

    8. Working Capital Management – NOF- FM Model

    9. The relationship Sources of Financing – Company: Financing mechanisms.

    4.Leadership and People Management 6,66 ECTS

    10. Human motivation

    11. Work team management

    12. Communication, leadership and authority

    13. Directive action

    14. Professional Ethics

    5. Marketing and sales 6,18 ECTS

    15. The client

    16. Marketing Strategy: Basic Concepts

    17. Digital Marketing: Basic Concepts

    18. Design of Communication Strategies

    6. Operations and Systems 3.26 ECTS

    19. Product manufacturing processes

    20. Service provision processes

    7. Digital Environment 1.86 ECTS

    21. Digital tools. Opportunities for Innovation and Digital Business

    8. Global Economy 2.26 ECTS

    22. Globalization

    22. Functioning and Effects of the Global Economy

    23. International Trade

    9. Circular Economy 2.06 ECTS

    24. Current situation and challenges

    25. Corporate Social Responsibility

    10. Company Policy 6.46 ECTS

    26. Lead Organizations

    27. Governance areas: business, structure, procedures of progress and institutional configuration.

    28. Mission, Vision, Values

    29. Structure of Organizations

    11. Management Skills 2.46 ECTS

    30. Communication for managers

    31. Leadership Styles

    32.Effective time planning and management

    12. Innovation Process 3.14 ECTS

    33. Lean Start-up

    34. Blue Ocean

    35. Canvas

    13. Business legal risks 3.1 ECTS

    35. Compliance

    36 .Special attention to Data protection, Industrial and Intellectual Property legislation

    14. Master’s Thesis. 6 ECTS

    *The CEU Postgraduate Institute reserves the right to make changes to the calendar and/or schedules due to academic requirements



    Entregar la siguiente documentación en Sección de Alumnos – Campus Universitario CEU, Bormujos (Sevilla)– o bien remitir los documentos al siguiente correo electrónico:posgrado.alumnos@ceuandalucia.es

    Teléfonos de información de matriculación:954 48 80 00/01



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    The price of the GMBA is 59.800 RMB.

    For registration: education@nervionabogados.es